Heavy Drapes – Should I Suck, or Should I Blow EP Review

Heavy Drapes – Should I Suck, or Should I Blow EP Review

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So is punk really dead or have you just not been invited yet, If you open the curtains you will see a new sound coming down the street from Scotland. The new 4 track EP kicks your front door in and throws you round the room like a welcoming gatecrasher,  full of power, passion and melody it ignites memories of old style with a new kind of kick. The band De Liberate (vocals), Rikki Stiv (guitar), Jerry Dangerous (bass) and Billy Chaos (drums) have been around before last playing Edinburgh in 2008, with a new found exuberance to start again. The band has put a lot of thought into how they want to look and sound, with artwork to match that of the style of Jamie Reid with bold colour and provocative images. That’s all very well but as we have seen with so many other bands, it’s all bollocks if you can’t back it up with the music. The Heavy Drapes deliver on all fronts with the “Should I Suck, or Should I Blow” EP, each track creating a tightly packed riff filled punch that gets you hook line and sinker.


The title track is full of short sharp riffs right from the start; the chorus will be in your ear like a corkscrew burrowing into your head to repeat all week.  The hard edge of the song is softened by the melody of the vocal; in 2.48 it carries you along on a tune of pure punk rock with inspiration from those distant glam rock anthems. The strength of this EP lies with the sheer quality of the tunes, the diversity of the tracks will result in people picking a different favourite with mine being the next up “Hanging Like a Suicide”. It has all I’m looking for in a punk song and more, in fact very often less is most defiantly more. If you take the early punk classics they were simple 3 chord sticks of dynamite with no fancy frills to dilute the impact, The Damned’s New Rose is a prime example of less is more.  “Hanging Like a Suicide” brings the hacksaw guitar reminiscent of Steve Jones at his best, the heavy bass and drum backing lyrics that will have you singing on the first play of this musical infection that you don’t want a cure for. A little change now “Into the Blue” is a little slower paced with some great harmonies surrounded by a cloud of guitar and drum smoke, coming out from your darkest moments in life to be uplifted to kiss the sky. I would say that although not my favourite track on the EP it’s the best crafted song here, the lyrics and arrangements shine throughout and makes you realise there are more than 3 chords to this bands capabilities. Our short journey with Heavy Drapes comes to a close with “ I Wanna Be Maladjusted” maybe the weakest track of the four for me but only just, It still drives you along like a stolen car throwing a chorus out the window as it screeches by your door. It pounds along at a rate of knots coming to a halt only to let the guitar open up the chorus, leaving you repeating the chorus to the end.


Punk music today is so readily available with thousands of bands at your finger tips, some get a 2 sec window to impress me and some get a second listen or occasionally a song or two saved to join the elite on my saved music. Heavy Drapes have now joined that elite group with all 4 songs of this EP, with a desire for more to follow as expectation is now high. If you like your punk rock to have a tune attached to its bollocks then have a listen to this then.