The Black Pitts – B Movie Extra Album Review.

The Black Pitts – B Movie Extra Album Review.

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Dublin based band The Black Pitts have produced a slice of modern nostalgia with the new album “B Movie Extra”, a sound reminiscent of Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreaker swaggering and sneering around your ears at the first listen. Band members’ Ive vocals and guitar, Ado vocals and bass and Tony drums have delivered a true piece of garage punk that has all the hooks and harmonies of a New York Doll going out on the town.


They kick right of with a relentless pace straight in to BDO Brigade, cocking the gun and firing the tune right between your ears. “Does anyone want to get drunk with me, does anyone wanna get high” an opening line that gives no doubt where this albums at and where it’s taking you, some sharp riffs and isolated vocal with a drum beat to instantly ignite your senses. For me this is the cut above the rest and should be single material, just making a big impact straight away. Musically the 3 members are tighter than a submarines door, going head long into Curveball without coming up for breath. It’s a more repetitive track lyrically but there is no let up in the sound; it’s a heavy assault of melody from drums, guitar and bass that just fail to stop those harmonies in the background coming through.  A slightly slower journey with Runaway Girl that may not reach the heights of the opening track, but does not lack quality where it counts. The same can be said of Private Hell which is also track lacking that certain something, although it has the same signature sound of the rest of the album enjoys. Hey Johnny drives you round town with the top down and the music’s so loud it turns heads, who ever Johnny is he plays his 8 track really fucking loud. The squeal of those strings as the fingers slide down the guitar neck sends a shiver down the spine, with that American New York drawl pouring over the lyrics with ease and distain.


The Black Pitts have nailed down a sound that’s straight out of the New York garage bands, with the MC5, Stooges and NY Dolls an undeniable influence on their music. They swagger into Wanna Have Fun a tail of parties and fights, compounded by a relentless drum beat that’s only drowned out by the slashing of a guitar solo squealing into action. Bones in a Box and Nobody Love Me continues the electric whiskey soaked sound that has been out all night and still wants to party, filling the glass for another riff and chorus till the sun comes up.


This may be an album that harks back to an age when the Ramones were still playing to one man and his dog, and Iggy was creating a new disturbance with his Stooges. Some may say that this is nothing new and been heard before, we should be looking to create new sounds and music. I prefer to think that all new music needs to steal something from the past, and in my lifetime it always has without exception. The Black Pitts have taken influence from some dam fine bands, and came up with their own dam fine album enough to drag me out the house on a winter’s night to catch them live.