Miss Vincent-Somewhere Else Review

A somewhat musical change in direction from their previous EP, has resulted in Miss Vincent releasing what they state is the real sound of the band on. Guitarist & Vocalist Alex Marshall states “This is the kind of music we’ve always wanted to make and not to say that we’re not proud of our previous releases, because we are, but this record feels so, so right.” formed in 2013 their journey now seems to have brought them to a more raw emotional sound which they are more comfortable with.  Somewhere EP is released on Uncle M records on 19.05.17, its 5 tracks representing the bands more energy and song writing skills perfectly.

An upbeat entrance with Cold Hands depicts a relationship roller coaster ride, with a musical ride through the highs and lows with good and bad memories that won’t be forgotten. A relentless drum beats like a child running their stick along railings, and the guitars taking you on a journey lead by the lyrics. An unusual subject is now presented to us in The Lovers, a song about 2 skeletons buried together in an embrace it maybe macabre or is it romantic. The song also brings together emotions of past experiences, missed opportunities and future hopes and promises, the pace of the song slows midway for a an emotional statement  sung with passion before ending on a high. Miss Vincent show a heavier side with Lost and Forgotten, guitars and drums strike up in unison broken up with occasional isolated vocals creating an atmosphere. Bringing the pace right down to a sway and a strumming guitar in Beauty in the Darkness, we have a change in creative style building the song up in the mid section before it falls to the floor again. The drummer is once again wound up for the final track The Western Shore, where the skins are pounded relentlessly with guitar chords bringing up the rear. We are delivered a big finish to the track as if it were a cast on stage going out with a bang, informing us of the journey to the end.

Miss Vincent have opened up a new world for themselves with this change of direction, a more direct straight talking sound with substance is what they have now and also delivered with this EP.