Empty Lungs – Don’t Get It EP review

Empty Lungs from Belfast, Northern Ireland are to release a 3 track EP in March, traditionally a place to keep an eye on for good music these guys are no exception to that rule. Having been formed in late 2011 they have tread the same difficult path as most bands on a budget, forging ahead through the hard times and putting in the touring miles. They will be on the road again in March/April of this year with UK dates lined up around the country playing the previously released singles as well as this, although they may have just upped the ante a little with this latest EP “Don’t Get It”.

First up is the title track Don’t Get It doesn’t make a delicate entrance as it crashes and bangs its way in to your head from the first beat, the metronome heavy drumming throughout the track really causes a reaction.  The jangling and screeching of the guitar compliments the consistent bass, with the vocal tripping along and spilling the lyrics all over the place before breaking into the catchy chorus. It’s a high tempo track that will get you moving, there are some sharp backing vocal harmonies that work well with the isolated hand claps mid way through the song. Its definitely single material and a good choice to catch the imagination straight away. We move on at the same pace to track 2 Losing It. Finding It. Where we encounter the same jangling guitar and echoing drum beat, but it occasionally veers off in a different direction, with a guitar solo backing up the impassioned vocals that describe the confusion around relationships. It’s another track fuelled by the bands energy, before slowly and methodically bring the track to a close. We finish with Fragile a song about losing people we care for and the sadness that surrounds these times, before it lifts the listener with encouragement to carry on and live life to the full despite the ups and downs laid upon us.  A heavy deep bass line introduces the track, before the guitar drives in and sets the tone for the slow saddened vocal. It’s a slower more personal track than the other 2 and has a mixture of sounds, going from melancholic sad tones to uplifting backing oooh oohs. “Life is fragile, life is fun” is what they tell you, Empty Lungs combine that lyrical sentiment and the musical arrangements on this track to mirror this to great effect. There are 3 impressive tracks her that show the band are heading in the right direction musically, making the trials and tribulations on getting there well worthwhile.

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