Hateful – Q&A

Hateful – Q&A.

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Glasgow punk band Hateful say they are the musical equivalent of Quentin Tarantino acknowledging the past and bringing it gloriously into the present! Formed in 2002 they have a new album out and its one to look out for, here we find out about who is behind the music.

Q 1. I know you gained your name from a Clash track, were they a big influence on the band’s music, or was a bigger influence the Ramones. (Ramones tribute track on the new album, Let’s Go)

Hateful: We are Clash fans as well as The Ramones but as a band have lots going on influence wise, as I think any band with just that bit extra in quality have. Using the clash as an example the reason you have such good music is the diversity of their influences: reggae, rock, soul, funk, jazz etc and that is the same for Hateful.

Q2.  Your not that well known in Scotland despite you having a few previous releases, I find this hard to understand as the quality you produce is what Scotland needs more of. Is this because the bands not putting about enough, or are there other reasons for this.

Hateful: We actually do well in the hometown now audience wise when we play, one of the reasons is definitely that myself who does the management side of the band at the beginning concentrated more on Europe than at home looking for a record label to release out stuff abroad etc. That is what we have with Rebellion Records in Holland and Contra Records in Germany releasing our material and our single was on the French label Dirty Punk Records, why did I do this? Simple it is much better and healthier the punk/street punk/oi scene in Europe than here and nearly always has been. If I go back to the late 80’s/early 90’s when I was in Distorted Truth and 99% of the mail and appreciation we got was from anywhere but here.

Q3.  I really got into your previous albums, with some really good tracks on them. But this album “Noize from the Streets” in my opinion is a cut above, was there a different way of writing or arranging that brought this about.

Hateful: Thanks Kami it is really appreciated by all of us when we get told this, no the album was not approached in any way different from previous ones, what I like is we get told by people which albums they say is their favourite and its different ones which will get mentioned which is great and also to quote “ Hateful nights” are had where all the albums are played in order by them which is fantastic to be told that.

Q4. You seem to be going down very well in Germany, is this somewhere you enjoy playing and why. What are the differences in UK punk to overseas?

Hateful: Haha I think it is very obvious our love of Germany and my self particularly it is not purely because of music I love the country/people and I know the others think the same, gigs in the U.K ( a ridiculous term by the way, this place has never been united! Lol) in recent times have got much better but for us certainly Germany has been/is great for us.

Q5. Is there a little resurgence in traditional punk music sounds, with melodies as well as Passion, Power and Aggression. Do you think you come under that banner or how would you describe Hateful’s music.

Hateful: We definitely come under that banner, I think what type of punk rock anybody prefers be it hard thrash to melodic and tuneful is all catered for and you can find bands be it new or older ones playing the type you prefer.

Q6. What’s your memories of the Glasgow Apollo, is this where it all began the track on the new album “Caught in the Sound” suggests this.

Hateful:  I was only in The Apollo three times before it closed but my first concert was in there it was a concert called “The Gathering Of The Clans” featuring The Expoited, The Anti Nowhere League, Vice Squad, Infa Riot and The Threats, I was very young at the time and went up early in the day with a friend and there was fighting going on all day with punks and mods, who at that time hated each other (how times have changed! Lol) I saw Public Image in there as well and when they did anarchy in the uk the place got ripped apart, there is a book called “Apollo Memories” out about the place and I have a bit in it written about this gig, Alex who wrote the song was at lots of great concerts in the place and yes the bouncers were that bad!

Q7. You have a new project, to write a shit hot song and collaborate with any musicians, vocalists you want. Who do you contact and what do they have that’s worth a listen.

Hateful: I would be phoning Pete Townsend, Ray Davies and Noel Gallagher, if you mean in a punk or rock n roll sense it would be Alex King we have done not too bad writing/working together over the years and can not think of anybody else better.

Q8. 40 years of Punk, is it nostalgia for old farts, or rightfully celebrating a movement that changed the world.

Hateful: The only points I would make is certainly here when they are going on and on about it, it is all about the first wave , pistols, clash, damned etc and these bloody bands saying 40 years anniversary when they had fucked off for about 20 or something! Lol

Q9. Have you any recommendations of other bands to look out for, or is the place full of imitations and caricatures.

Hateful: As I said Glasgow/Scotland in as much as the last 5 years say has got healthy on the scene with lots of  bands from here who are doing it: The Red Eyes, The Zips, 4 Past Midnight, Reaction. Heavy Drapes,The Jackhammers, Blacklist, Razorblade Smile, Requiem, The Eddies, I could go on there is lots more…………

Q10. The new album “Noize from the Streets” is a well played album of mine, which tracks would you say are the strongest on it and why. (Mine are Bulletproof, Caught in the Sound and Happy Now)

Hateful: All the ones I wrote! lol, you mention Bulletproof and that for me is the definite track and one of the best Alex has ever written and is a fitting, clever, beautifully written song for a friend/band mate who died and he absolutely nails it with this song. Also I am pleased you mention Happy Now as that is one that I thought “will this be a bit too much for some”? lol but again this is something we have done, I think from the second album onwards always a track or two on them that is a bit different from the others.

Q11. Was the track Bulletproof based on a fragile time for the band, or have I picked it up wrong.

Hateful: Yeah as I said above it is about a friend the one and only Dougie Mclean who was the singer in another band me and Alex were in, a guy who was a character and a half and unforgettable to anyone who ever met him and a great front man. The way he could control an audience whilst insulting them and getting away with it! Fantastic, the part at the end of the song is so him, telling an audience to get to fuck the night is over! lol

Q12. Can you give us some insight of behind the scenes with a hard working band like Hateful, what’s required to keep it going while you still need to make a living.

Hateful: Well that is exactly it and with most bands who aren’t successful enough to do it for a living as most people would love to, so you have to do both earning a living and doing the band every body in the band works. I can only speak for myself but I would rather just be in a band making music.

Q13. Rebellion Festival, what’s it like and is there still big egos among the bigger bands behind the scenes.

Hateful: We have played it a few times and it been great it’s the audience that make it special but I suppose that’s that case with most festivals, I don’t tend to hang around backstage much as I tend to be out front enjoying the atmosphere and not sitting backstage. The only time I spent much backstage at one was with PIL when they were on as a friend works with them so as for bigger bands, I have been out a few times drinking with Mr Rotten don’t get any bigger than that I reckon! And he has always been a good laugh.

Q14 What does 2017 hold for Hateful, how are you promoting this album and will there be more UK gigs planned to hear it.

Hateful: We have played quite a lot of gigs in UK already this year and have more booked, we have just come back from playing a show in Berlin two weeks ago but as you will not be surprised to hear we want to go back to Germany this year for more concerts. The vinyl version of the new album is we are told going to be out in the summer, it should have been out a lot sooner don’t know why it has been put back, we also have a new single coming out with three new tracks not on the album on it  also in the summer on oi! the niche records.