The Eddies – Q&A

The Eddies – Q&A.

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The Eddies are a well established punk band from Dundee, supporting many well known punk bands throughout the years as well as headlining themselves. Here we ask a few questions about the band and what drives them on to deliver their own brand of punk tunes.

Q 1. The Eddies always seem to get a crowd going with the songs they put out, what’s the process as regards beginning to end of a new song and who contributes what?

The Eddies:  Basically, we have a couple of methods.  Sometimes one of the guitarists or the bass player will come in with a few riffs that we sort out and arrange, and it will usually have either a vocal chorus, verse or maybe a melody that comes with it.  But on the odd occasion, it will be a complete song that each member then puts their own ‘stamp’ on.

Q 2. Don’t mention the War is probability my favorite Eddies track, whats it about and what would say was your best track.

The Eddies:  It’s about folk that get too PC about the punk rock scene.  It’s hard to pick a favourite, there are a number of songs in the set that always go down well, but we’re hoping the new songs will become firm favourites once people get the chance to hear them!

Q 3. You’ve been around for a few years now playing venues round the country, what excites you about punk music that’s kept you going since 1994, and have there been times you came close to wrapping it up?

The Eddies:  Energy, attitude and our punk rock family.  There has been various line up changes over the years, all of which have contributed to our sound.  We did have a break from 2001 to 2007 till we got hungry for playing gigs again.

Q 4. How did the idea for the masks you wear on stage for Freakshow come about.  ( At least I hope they were masks)

The Eddies:  They reflect some of the character of the ‘freaks’ in the song.

Q 5. Coming from Dundee would you say there is a good scene in Scotland in general, or is it more dependent on bands coming over the border?

The Eddies:  Scotland has its own independent scene. There are lots of great bands all over the country with a very supportive approach and a lot of collaboration. The healthy state of the Scottish scene is reflected in the number of Scots bands playing Rebellion.

Q 6. I’m always on the lookout for new bands that have that 77 melodic power and passion, any band recommendation that you have heard lately or played with?

The Eddies:  No Thrills, Wonk Unit, Sunday Punk Club, Potential Victims, Panic Attak, Mispelt, Drongos for Europe  and  the Zips are all good, not all 77 sounding and not all new but all good punk rock!  Check ‘em out and check out Punktoberfest, it’s always a good line up with plenty up and coming bands on the bill.

Q 7. The publicity surrounding 40 years of punk, do you think it’s justified for the effect it had on society back then. Or is it just another promotional excuse to get money out of pockets by another means?

The Eddies:  Good concept, after being ignored for years, but ended up another money maker.  It wouldn’t really matter to us if it was 40 years or 4 years.  We’re not in it to make money.

Q 8. Which of the early bands influenced you and started you on the road to playing with The Eddies, and what were the first songs that you remember that still bring back memories today.

The Eddies:  The Cockney Rejects, The Ruts, Sex Pistols, Motorhead,  Clash etc.

Q 9. You have to give a young person their first album to listen to, what would you give them and why.

The Eddies:  Never Mind The Bollocks, where it all started.

Q 10. Bands such as Green Day get a lot of stick these days, from their punk roots to stadium band. Do you think this is justified or are they just as relevant as say the UK Subs but to a different audience.

The Eddies:  Just as relevant, whether you think they’re punk or not.  They sing songs that relate to their generation.

Q 11. The Eddies have 2 albums released “Panic” and “Who Are You?”are they still available, and any plans to get something else out.

The Eddies:  The best of these were made into an album called “Punk for Life”, we also have various tracks on compilation albums (Attitude 2 being the most recent, which was compiled by the late Shug O’Neill from Cocksparrer fame).  We are currently writing a new EP/album, first tracks of which you will be hearing very soon.

 12. You have supported some great bands throughout the years, who were the really good guys and who were the bunch of bastards that you wouldn’t share a stage again with.

The Eddies:  Most of them have all been really good guys, (the UK Subs probably come out on top) and the few that weren’t, aren’t worth giving any publicity to.

Q 13. Any visitors to central Scotland looking for a venue puts on good bands, where would you recommend.

The Eddies:  We’ve supported some great punk bands in Scottish venues over the years including at Beat Generator Live in Dundee, Audio & Ivory Blacks in Glasgow and Bannermans in Edinburgh.

Q 14. Whats the Eddies got planned for the rest of 2017, any festivals or gigs lined up.

The Eddies:  We have Nice N Sleazy festival in Morecambe in May,  GBH (all dayer) in Dundee in June, The Dickies in Glasgow in July,  Rebellion festival in Blackpool in August, Party in the Polytunnel 4 in Fruechie Fife in September, Ruts DC in Dundee in September and Punktoberfest in Dundee in October.

When it’Q 15. s all over, what would you say The Eddies were all about for you and the band.

The Eddies: Having fun and Punk for Life!