The DeRellas – Freakshow Album Review.

The DeRellas – Freakshow Album Review.

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The DeRellas have been around for 10 years now, and have a look as though they have been staggering from bar to bar leaving a trail of whiskey soaked tunes behind them. There are no beards, no shorts, no man buns or hoodies, leather jackets and various shades of black back up the stance and sneer behind the low-slung guitars. With a couple of previous albums getting great feedback, they now invite us to their “Freekshow” a new 6 track mini album full of Punk riffs and Glam Rock stomps. The DeRellas family tree would no doubt consist of 70s Glam and maybe the not so distant cousin Johnny Thunders and his Heartbreakers, but that’s not to say they haven’t ripped it up themselves with their back catalogue of tunes. The band are about to unleash themselves on a European tour from October, and Timmy Derella – Bass/Vocals, Stevie D – Guitar/Vocals, Luca DeRella – Guitar/Vocals and Billion Dollar Bish Drums have just the tunes needed to kick over that language barriers. If you’re looking for a 10-min guitar solo wrapped around a fairy story to sway an tap to, then keep your ticket money in your pocket, if you’re looking for air to punch and tunes that curl the floorboards get a DeRellas show booked.

We step in to Freakshow with a tribal booming drum for the first track “Rip it Up”, the powering bass drives through you like a hot rod in a tunnel before the guitar kicks in shredding the riffs. The DeRellas are not a band to drag things out, every song is short sharp and you get the point as its driven home into your ears. The tales of the city’s underground life is described in the next track “Strung Out Sin City” the good, the bad and the dam ugly experience you come up against. There may be some cliqued lyrics here and a bit too predictable, but It still has some sharp riffs and dangerous bass lines backed up with reliable no nonsense beat. Track three gatecrashes the party with memories of Hanoi Rocks or early Guns N Roses this may just be the highlight of the album for me, “Soho Hotel” screeches and squeals with 6 strings from the start. The song has some great Rock N Roll harmonies backing the lead vocals, before the guitarist attacks those strings with quicker fingers than an auctioneer’s typist. Live this song will get a crowd sweating with a singalong the chorus out loud, the songs interrupted by someone’s pain and anguish before it lifts you again and carries you to the end. This is the DeRellas at their best for me, pounding out a heavy bass with the guitar kicking in and out the track around the vocals and harmonies. I’m booking a room at the Soho Hotel!

Another melody laden, hard rocking blast from the title track “Freakshow” and “Dress Up Mess Up” where there is no letup of guitar, Bass and Drum coming together with the riffs, chords and thunderous tunes. The DeRellas don’t complicate things they create some great Rock N Roll tracks that will have a room jumping, and these 2 tracks carry on in the infectious melodies. They end the album with the lower keyed Adam Ant cover  “Plastic Surgery” where an eerie bass line creeps up on the song before the drums rattle your cage, It’s not as dynamic as the previous tracks on the album and may just be trying too hard to get the right atmosphere for the title. It might be the weaker of the tracks on the album, a botched job in a back-street surgery is too harsh as its still got some bite to it but a little disjointed in parts.

The DeRellas undoubtedly have one platform boot in the 70s but they are kicking and punching in 2017, a band that brings a bit of glam to Punk Rock N Roll. The album will undoubtedly go down very well on this European tour in every dirty bar and Freakshow they play.