Morgan – Deli, the new album.

Play: Morgan – Hold Your Hand

Born from the ashes of the Quebec farmhouse they accidentally burned down in 2012, Morgan is a five-piece posse of glorious misfits who mix punk, country and Irish drinking songs with chainsaws. For real. Their catchy songs and barber shop harmonies will make everything that’s going bad in your life just a teeny tiny little bit better. One of the perks of Morgan’s music is that it tends to make your mouth run dry real quick. So quickly in fact, you should probs just go get yourself a beer right now while reading this stupid bio and get it over with.

The new album, Morgan Deli, is twelve tracks of ultra-catchy twanged out Irish-cow-punk earcandy. Most of them are about drinking too much or eating Porcupines.
Sooo whether you’re having a casual cold one with your buds or you’re freebasing speedballs on the highway while running from the cops, Morgan is sure to put everything right in perspective.



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