Holy Dark

Holy Dark – Pretty Little bird.

Play: The Holy Dark – Sleeping In

Formed by songwriter John Miller, The Holy Dark’s “Pretty Little Bird” was recorded in 2017 at Toadhouse Recording Studios with Adam Pike in Portland, Oregon. The album explores the mysterious and often times bewildering complexities of human emotion.

The Holy Dark has a “sounds like folk but feels like soul” stage presence
which is highly regarded as a must-see performance.

Previously performing under his own name, John Miller started releasing full-length studio records in 2009 with his first chapter “Shades of Autumn Everywhere” which was recorded in Morgan Hill, California at dB Sound Studios with Ben Whittaker. This first installment immediately put him on the local radar.


John Miller continued as a solo outfit for the release of his second full-length studio record “Beneath The Willow” which was also recorded with Ben Whittaker in 2012.

By this time it became clear that Miller’s next steps would lead him into something very new and much larger.

With inspiration by the cosmically profound poetry of Tracy K. Smith The Holy Dark found it’s name and is releasing “Pretty Little Bird” with the support of Showoff frontman Chris Messer’s label “Dodgeball Records” on October 31st of 2017.


Dodgeball Records

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