Ambition Demolition

Ambition Demolition

Play: Ambition Demolition – Punk For Life

Ambition Demolition were formed in April (2016) with Alan Cattermoul on guitar/vocals, Clive Buff Cooper on Bass/vocals and AL Stone on drums. Some good fun Punk Rock tunes followed, and in less than four months we had managed to get together an albums worth of 12 songs!! Our first 6 track EP, Punk for Life, was recorded at the end of 2016 in true DIY style and is available from the band. We have a bit of variety in our locker so hopefully there’s something for everyone in the set.  We also have more songs in the pipeline, and it’s really nice to have the pleasure & option of moving the songs around to suit every situation. We had our first gig @Frog & Fiddle in Cheltenham Glos on Saturday 24th September 2016 and more gigs played supporting amongst others UK Subs, The Lurkers, Subhumans, DeRellas, Hands Off Gretel, and Reno Divorce and from the States. We’ve played a number of festivals this year including Bash the Bishop, Degeneration, Juzbcuz, No More Heroes, and Rebellion. We’ll have merchandise at all gigs so keep your eyes open for that, and also a new album in the


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