Punktoberfest – Dundee.

Play: Control – Punk Rock Ruined My Life

Play: Billyclub – Dumbfuck

Play: Punktober Fest – Dundee

This year sees the first time doing Punktoberfest over two venues.
Friday will be in Church (Formally Buskers) whilst Saturday remains in Beat Genenerator as per normal. Once again the guys at Rainbow music and Goodtimes Music Studio are backing me and the event, and I’m very happy to announce that this year I have joined forces with Tayport Tattoo Collective to bring you another cracking day out in Dundee with some of the best bands around for your listening pleasure.
Friday’s line up is now complete and boasts Dundee’s young punk stars DELINQUENTS who will be launching their debut album ABOUT LAST NIGHT! They have joined me in inviting a few special guests to the party, CONTROL bring the hooligan rock n roll machine back to Dundee and they are a band you won’t want to miss. Super stoked to also bring for the first time to Punktoberfest and their first hometown show in over 5 years, Dundee’s very own ON FILE. A welcome return to the Friday show after smashing it last year are MALFUNCTION from Aberdeen, and the Final guests to what is sure to be a corker of a night are DRIVE BY KILLER with Hardcore based riffs to kick us of in style.


Saturday sees the following bands:

Rainbow music   Goodtimes Music   Tayport Tattoo Collective

We also met up with Andy Cochrane who organises the event and he gave us an insight into whats involved, and who to look forward to at this years event.


The festival has been going for some time now, can you tell us how it started and how you got involved?

It really is as simple as I felt that there was a lack of gigs with bands that i wanted to see in Dundee. I have been to Scotland Calling , Rebellion etc and seen all these places in England having all day fest type shows and just thought, well, if nobody else is gonna do it , I’ll give it a go. Although not on the same scale obviously, it has grown over the years since 2011 and now it’s kinda become more about a basic core of localish bands and I try to invite a few new bands up from England every year. Mostly bands i have seen at other gigs we have played down south. Nice and Sleazy festival in Morecambe has opened me up to a good few bands that have since made the journey up to Dundee, some can’t get enough of it so I guess I’m doing something right. It is really a one man festival in terms of organisation,  I book the bands, do all the admin, run the gig itself, print the t shirts and manufacture the promo CD (Available on the nights or at Rainbow Music Dundee), including the printing of covers and discs etc. Obviously I have guys like Lee Guthrie (The Eddies) doing a hell of a shift on sound and all things technical at the event but overall It’s my baby!

Why is the festival run over 2 venues this year?

The long and the short of it is initially I had booked Beat Generator for the weekend of the 21st for the event, than Cock Sparrer announced Edinburgh on the same date and there seemed little point trying to compete so I moved to the following weekend and Beat Generator was booked on the Friday. I had to decide either go one day or look for an alternative venue. I knew Mark had just taken over at Church, so I enquired and it was available so I thought ….yeah, let’s do this!

There have been a few festivals getting bad press this year because they have been poorly organised. Can you tell us what’s involved from the start to finish in order for it to be successful?

Pretty much covered in the previous answer I think. In order to be successful I would say it is down to getting the right mix of bands and promoting the show. Also I have worked with a few sponsors which is a big help in terms of their input, whether financial or supplying gear etc. Rainbow Music Dundee have been fantastic to work alongside as have Goodtimes Music Studio who supply my backline etc. This year Tayport Tattoo Collective have been amazingly supportive as well. Local business supporting Local music and vice versa.

There are always people out there wanting to run their own festival, what would be the best advice you can give them and what to look out for.

Walk before you can run, and get people on board to help you, trust me as one who does it all its very difficult. I’ve seen a mate try and fail to get a festival off the ground this year and it wasn’t for the lack of effort and enthusiasm. You can book any band you want and it’s easy to get carried away but at the end of the day, the numbers have to add up or you’re in bother.

How have you chosen the bands this year, is there still a mix of young local bands to go with more established names, and did you miss out on any you tried to get.

Same as every year really, I try to get a mix of local and travelling bands and there are a few like The Rotten Apples that have become part and parcel of the festival, would seem weird not to have them. I tried to get Drag from Birmingham for this year, and every year I miss out on Drongos for Europe as they tour Europe at this time of year. They have played before and would like to come back, but it just hasn’t been doable for the past few years.

Who should we look out for this year that’s sounding good?

From this year’s line up I would say Control, always smash it live! On file a Dundee band and a rare hometown show. Flat Back Four, I have wanted these guys up here for ages. Potential Victims, do not miss them, Quality! No Thrills, Kickback Generation, hell all the bands on the bill are great, seriously I only book good bands!

What are the Punk crowds in Dundee and surrounding areas like, where has the music if visitors were to be looking for something different?

Dundee like most places can be a bit hit and miss. I’ve been lucky with Punktoberfest as the public have backed it year on year. Venue wise Beat Generator, Church, Connroy’s Basement and Deacon Brodies are your best chance of some decent alternative sounds.

Who are the up and coming bands to look out for that we may not have heard of in Scotland or that you have come across.

Not so many up and coming that I know of to be honest, maybe I’m a bit out of touch with some of the younger bands. Delinquents from Dundee are making a name for themselves. They have their album release at Church on the Friday of Punktoberfest, and have recently been announced for Rebellion for the second time. Really looking forward to hearing new recording from The Signal from Inverness, cracking band! So many good bands out there, Jim Threat and the Vultures, Tripwire DC, Iron System, Overdose…there are loads more I’m sure you have already heard of. Basically support local music and check out whoever is playing in your town or city.

If you had the choice of any past or present bands for your next Punktober who would you choose and why.

There are a host of bands that i would like to get, but are way out of my price range. The Damned, The Subs, Exploited etc but a couple that are either not together anymore or only play select shows would be The Skeptix and The Partisans.

Is there anything else we should be looking out for coming up in the area in the coming months?

Beat Generator has WIRE coming up soon and The Sex Pistols Experience. We (The Eddies) are back at Beat Generator in December supporting The Cockney Rejects. There is also the Make That A Take annual Book Yer Ane Fest in December which we are also playing, another weekend of punk rock spread across a couple of venues. Check MTAT records Facebook page for details.

Make That A Take Records

How do bands get in contact to get on the line up next year?

Bands can contact me via Facebook or mail me at drustix0@gmail.com 

Although I generally start to book closer to the event, I like to get headliners sorted and booked before building a solid line up.