Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols.

Play: Sex Pistols – Anarchy in the UK

Whatever your views are on the Sex Pistols 1976 cannot be compared to today’s musically saturated world, we now have instant access to bands around the globe who fight for our instant attention with their songs before they are unceremoniously skipped. The band may have been put together by a Manager with ulterior motives, he may well have tried to mould them boy band style to create controversy and seek a direction for them that we may say never went to plan. They have made only one album with considerable help in the studio to aid and abet the distinctive sound we know and love, and had more infighting and squabbles than Coronation Street longest running sagas. But putting all that aside the Sex Pistols were a phenomenon that hit Britain like a megaton bomb, they exploded and fizzled out as quickly as it arrived. The carnage they left in their wake infected Britain like a disease, igniting the passions of youth to go out and be whatever they wanted without fear of reprisals. The track Anarchy in the Uk captures the angers and frustrations built up in a time of social unrest, giving way to self expression in a new movement that would be called Punk. Who knew then the implications of such a band and after it rocked the British establishment it dictated changes to the unshakable music Industry, but they also left its mark on the very backbone of British industries whether it is in print, fashion or the DIY ethos left in the minds of those who are now old enough to make an impact on the nation work places. The Sex Pistols will always be the catalyst for immeasurable changes that came to the UK, but when John Lydon told Britain’s youth to “Get Off Your Arse” they got on stage and did it for themselves and we are still reaping the benefits of that today.