This Means War

This Means War.

Play: This Means War – Sailing Anarchy

While we are all celebrating 40 years of punk, these guys hooked up to form a brand new band with one common love … punk rock! Far from rookies, they played in numerous bands before such as Discipline, Hidden Guns, Superhero Status, and Convict. A simple ad on the worldwide web brought them together and now they are now more determined than ever to conquer the world with their hard hitting melodic punk rock anthems.


Not always an easy task, This Means War! strives to combine Rock ‘n Roll melodies with punk riffs and lyrics. Yet, This Means War! rises above the challenges of it all, proving their experience will propel them forward. Make sure you check out the single ‘Sailing Anarchy’, their loss is the world’s gain as their punk spirits and vocals will tear your heart apart. Explosive drums and potent guitar riffs will have you hooked in no time trade clarity for distortion without losing any impact.

You can clearly tell that they are neither embarrassed by melodies nor in denial of punk rock as ‘Those Were The Days’ ring through your speakers.

So lace up those boots, grease up that mohican, and make sure you prepare yourself for this punk rage that is coming your way. This Means War! will make your ears bleed starting with the release of their first EP ‘Sailing Anarchy’! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!



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