Paranoid Visions

Paranoid Visions.

Formed in Dublin in 1981, Paranoid Visions quickly allied themselves to the anarcho punk fraternity of the second wave of punk rock in the early 80’s. Heavily influenced by the Crass ethic of DIY music, the band formed their own F.O.A.D label and licensed their records to All The Madmen, home of the Mob, Thatcher on Acid, Blyth Power and the Astronauts.

Paranoid Visons played gigs and toured with the likes of Poison Girls, DIRT, Blyth Power, Subhumans and The Instigators. In the early 90’s they played with bands like Snuff, the Macc Ladds and Manic Street Preachers before calling it a day in 1992. Despite their disbanding, the 90’s saw Paranoid Visions becoming the biggest punk band Ireland had ever produced, featuring on several TV shows, newspapers and being offered numerous record deals from Major labels. In 1996 they reformed to play support on some dates for the Sex Pistols Filthy Lucre tour. In 2001 they reformed again and played with the Damned, The Dickies and at the Wasted Festival in Morecombe. While these reunions were always designed to be short lived, with the 2005 reunion, formed in support of the re-release of their back catalogue, it was decided to continue the momentum.

Since 2013 the band have also had an alter ego in the form of Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions, the highly rated and commercially successful collaboration with the former Crass frontman.


Paranoid Visions’ 2010 single ‘Strobelight And Torture’ is  a tribute to those who died in the Stardust nightclub fire on Valentines Day in 1981. The Stardust fire was a fatal fire which took place at the Stardust nightclub in Artane, Dublin, Ireland in the early hours of 14 February 1981. Some 841 people had attended a disco there, of whom 48 died and 214 were injured as a result of the fire. Some of the main fire exits were locked with padlocks and chains. Other fire exits simply had chains draped about the push bars. A large number of people attempted to escape through the men’s toilets but the windows there had metal plates fixed on the inside and iron bars on the outside. Seven people died in the toilets while the fire services attempted to rescue them.

No one, including the owner, has ever been held accountable.