Angry Itch

Angry Itch

Angry Itch are personable trio of Collins-hatin’, Bristow-baitin’, beer-swillin’, cymbal-killin’, punk-rockin’, tempo-shockin’, lovely young men. 

Their choruses are catchy, their riffs are big, and the boys are LOUD.

Play: Heroes Of Hate

Hailing from Birmingham, they are a three piece leviathan of aggression, angst, and just the right amount of self-deprecation. Currently on the front line of a re-invigorated and vibrant Midlands punk scene, the Itch boys have only been around for three years, but in that time (and with the help of their two delightfully low-fi EP’s, ‘Scratch It ‘til It Bleeds’ and the self-titled ‘Angry Itch’, and one great big bastard of a debut album in ‘Champanzee’,) they’ve managed to become one of the brightest prospects on the UK punk scene.