The Meteors

The Meteors.

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The Meteors were started in 1980 by P. Paul Fenech, Nigel Lewis, and Mark Robertson . Fenech and Lewis had played in rockabilly bands before, but left their former band, Raw Deal, in order to experiment with a new sound that mixed horror and science fiction lyrics with a punk rock / rockabilly crossover (as distinct from the slower, psychedelic rockabilly sound of the Cramps). This sound would later be called psychobilly. What made them unique was that Fenech and Lewis each sang lead vocals on their own tracks.


The Meteors played their first show during Rockabilly Night at The Sparrow Hawk in north London, but, after being heckled due to their cross between rockabilly and punk attitudes, decided to begin playing shows beyond just rockabilly clubs. 


Band Members:
P. Paul Fenech (Guitar Vocals)
Henners corolione (Stand-Up Bass)
Wolfgang “Hoerdeman Drums