13 Bats

13 Bats.

Formed at the end of 2006 in the basement of VallekasTattoo (Madrid) by Dani (vocals and double bass) and Albert (guitar).  Carter appears, who in a few days becomes the third member of 13 Bats .

The mix of Punk, Rockabilly, and the unique style of the Californian Carter, drummer that comes from playing soul, shuffle and impossible rhythms makes 13 Bats really sound very personal, a mix of sounds that has made them an a band to be heard.

Play: 13 Bats – Jack Daniel´s end

After several concerts in Madrid and with the rooms ready to burst, Hardcore Potential offers to take on their first album, the summer of 2008 they enter the studio of JM Rosillo. They premiere 2009 with their first album, titled 13 Bats. The album is a boom within Punk and Psychobilly, the first copies are sold out shortly and Hardcore Potential has to reissue three times, without any manager or help they start a 25-pin tour throughout Spain, France and Scotland.


The continuous touring with great public rapport and success right across all of Spain, has put them in the spotlight with offers coming from diverse European nations. Spanish media, (Radio and TV), have expressed their feelings as being one of the ‘MOST’ exciting live bands of the country



Photo Courtesy of Bruno Jordan Martin at 13 Shots.