The Nipple Erectors

Shanne Bradley had a strange dream about a band wearing rubber suits covered in Nipples.Three years later in 1976 after a short spin in The Launderettes with Ray Pist and Chaotic Bass, The Nipple Erectors were formed.The place being her damp bedsit in The Arsenal North London . Ms Shanne Bradley Bass and Mr Shane O’ Hooligan Macgowan Vocals were joined by Mr Roger Towndrow on geetar.The band continued in various incarnations until 1981. At one stage even having to bow to pressure to shorten their name to The Nips from the men who ran an independent record company, because getting gigs as The Nipple Erectors was out of the question.

Play: The Nipple Erectors – All The Time In The World


Shanne has continued forming and playing in various bands, The Men They Couldn’t Hang 1984- 1986 being the best known. A favourite of John Peel. She formed a touring band with Wreckless Eric after this also Comedy post punk. Girls On Top.and numerous other bands. She has recently been playing Greek Rembetika on the baglama in the Uk and Greece.. .Shane McGowan is known for Pogue Mahone. Various records by The Nipple Erectors have come out but sadly the band have had very little to do with them apart from the actual original writing, playing and recording.Anyone who would like to pay us royalties owed from the last 30 years is most welcome. In 2007 The Nipple Erectors played a gig at The 100 Club in 2007 with originals Ms Shanne Bradley on bass. Gavin Douglas on Guitar Shane MAcgowan on vocals and new drummer Eric, a month later at The Dirty Water Club London Shanne’s daughter Eucalypta L.V (aged 15) sang the set plus some of her own songs! after Macgowan didn’t make it in time!