New Model Army

In 1980 a new unique bass driven sound emerged from Bradford in the Shape of New Model Army, Justin Sullivan created a band that were distinctive, angry and tuneful in a time of musical change. Difficult to pigeon hole into a specific categorise they forged ahead with lyrics and tunes that were angry, outspoken and meaningful of the time. Sullivan took on another personality when on stage, snarling and seathing as “Slade the Leveller” passionately conveying the messages he wrote to to the driving tune.

Play: New Model Army – Vengeance


Once again it was DJ John Peel who was the catalyst for a wider audience,  playing the initial singles  “Bittersweet” and “Great Expectations”. But it was the quality of the album “Vengence” that really made people sit up and take notice, with tracks like “Christian Militia” and title track “Vengence”, they created something just a little bit special. Although arguably not hitting that level again they have left there mark on musical history with an album that transcends years and generation, with social commentary that is as reliant today as it was then.