If you have ever looked through social media and came across gigs for XSLF thinking this is just another cover band, an Alternative SLF, you are missing out on not only two previous members of Stiff Little Fingers but a band who can get a crowd jumping to their own tunes.


Both Henry Cluney & Jim Reilly were involved in some of the Belfast band classic tracks and this shows when you hear them live giving excellent rendition of “Alternative Ulster”, Suspect Device” “Nobody’s Hero” “Tin Soldier” and the rest, these guys don’t cover the songs they play what they were part of in the first place and it shows. They are not going to take over the Stiff Little Fingers mantle, with Jake perfecting a sound for over 40 years and still producing quality releases to this day. That’s where the name is somewhat confusing at first glance until you delve further into the bands DNA, yes they do SLF song’s and why not? but this is a band in its own right, touring regularly delivering an old and new musical armory.


Play: XSLF – Words

The release of the new album “Arrup Bang” may have slipped through unnoticed by the masses, but songs like “Words” and “Rich Man” only prove that having the SLF connection is just a bonus and these guys are back at the edge and in their own words “still kicking up a racket”.