The Dopamines

The Dopamines are back in full swing with their best record to date. Available now in the UK on “Rubbish Blue” and “Horrible Green” 12-inch vinyl, THE DOPAMINES return with their first full-length record in five years called ‘TALES OF INTEREST’ on Plasterer Records.

Their fourth full-length album, ‘Tales Of Interest’ sees the Cincinnati, Ohio band return with another dose of hard-hitting, fast-acting punk rock. Fans of the band are already familiar with their self-deprecating, alcohol soaked brand of punk rock. But for new listeners, ‘Tales Of Interest’ will be much more than that. The lyrical content has more depth, the overall feel of the record is much darker than past releases and the band itself seems to have grown into a more mature albeit still drunk version of their former selves. This is the record The Dopamines have always wanted to make. While fans will see a return to form in some aspects, this record is more than a good soundtrack to a wild party.  ‘Tales Of Interest’ is very much an exorcism on vinyl.


Play: The Dopamines – Ire , From the new album “Tales Of Interest”

Previously, The Dopamines have released LPs on It’s Alive Records and Paper + Plastick Records (owned by Vinnie of Less Than Jake) but ‘Tales Of Interest’ sees the band join Plasterer Records for the UK and US independent label Rad Girlfriend Records.

The band has usually toured with an unofficial second guitar player, most often filled by Mikey Erg of The Ergs!, but never having previously recorded with a fourth member. Since 2013, Josh Goldman, who owns Rad Girlfriend Records and plays in The Raging Nathans, has been the band’s permanent 2nd guitar player, making “Tales Of Interest” the first record in their catalogue with a second guitar.

Speaking on ‘Tales Of Interest’, songwriter/guitarist Jon Lewis said: “It’s super angry and super aggressive. It exceeded all my expectations and I have ZERO criticism. It was a lot of fun writing a bunch of crazy shit and then tweaking it with Michael, Jon, and Josh to make sure it didn’t stray too far from the reservation.”


Fans can expect touring, music videos and more. The band has been relatively quite the last few years, playing shows sporadically but “Tales Of Interest” seems to have breathed new life into an already loved and passionate band.

The Dopamines are: Jon Weiner, Michael Dickson, Jon Lewis and Josh Goldman.




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