Hands Off Gretel

Building up a very impressive live reputation Hands Off Gretel have been making a name for themselves as a force to be reckoned with, taking a leaf out of early female fronted bands like Riot Grrrl and Bikini Kill they have been turning up the volume since 2014. Hands Off Gretel have went the opposite route to most Punk bands in terms of colour, out goes the black, grey or red and in comes an explosion of bright and vibrant shades that represent the bands character.


Play: Hands Off Gretel – Plasters

They do have a dark side though, a very dark side that jumps out at you from every lyric and video, verging on the unhinged they deal with death and depravity with the ease of patient in a padded room eating insects in the corner.


The album “Burn The Beauty Queen” has stormed into peoples collections, backing up what has been seen at live shows around the globe.