Toy Dolls

The Toy Dolls may have one of the most recognisable sounds in music, the 100mph guitar mixed with a helium vocal is unmistakable . They started out in Sunderland where in 1979 it could not have been easy to play gigs as a Toy Doll, maybe the reason the original singer only lasted one show before Olga took over the mic and guitar. Then the Toy Dolls famous sound was created and cranked up, delivering the first single “Tommy Kowey’s Car” and the iconic “She Goes to Finos” on the B side and never looked back. 

Play: The Toy Dolls – She Goes To Finos

The band have had a few line up changes over the years , this could very well be related to exhaustion as their live show replicates the energy each song released on vinyl. Watching Olga plays the six string is like having a bees wing as an arm, covering the stage like his feet’s on fire delighting crowds the world over. He is not alone in this frantic behavior as Tommy Goober on Bass and The Amazing Mr Duncan are well rehearsed in the manic behavior expected at a Toy Dolls gig,  they run trough the songs that cover every subject with passion power and humour.


From humble beginnings the Toy Dolls unique sound now travels around the world, putting a smile on faces that are more used to protest, and revolt coming from the speakers rather than “Nellie the Elephant” or “Firey Jack”.