Slaughter and the Dogs

A meeting of song titles from David Bowie and Mick Ronson were put together to create along with the Buzzcocks Manchester’s finest Punk Band, Slaughter and the Dogs, it was Diamond Dogs and Slaughter on 10th Avenue that gave Wayne Barrett the idea for the bands now famous title. Learning their trade in some of the roughest places to play in the 70s may have given them the ammunition for those early gritty sounds, songs such as  “Cranked Up Really High”,   “Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone” and “Boston Babies” are still held in high esteem today and show no signs of diminishing with age.

Play: Slaughter And The Dogs – Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone


Put together on the now classic debut album “Do It Dog Style ” they left a trail of anthems behind them, and although they rarely get together these days they are in high demand by listeners when they do appear on stage.