Dirt Box Disco

Like a scene from the Living Dead, Dirt Box Disco emerged from the mist of the midlands armed with Punk Rock attitude, raucous tunes and dark humour that  infected audiences like a virus around the country. There line up is not carefully engineered with good looks under a uniformed designer shirt, these guys would scare the shit out of Bela Lugosi on a good day. They look like a real life comic book from a disturbed mind housed in a padded cell, up front is Weabi.I.Am holding the Mic and prowling the stage like an evil fairy of the Christmas Tree singing the well worn lyrics that has been packing venues.

Play: Dirt Box Disco – What you Gonna Do About it

Holly Monroe

The band delivering the beats and riffs are not of the shy and retiring type hiding behind speakers, Danny Fingers (Guitar), Maff Fazzo (Drums) and Deadbeatz Chris (Bass) have all the stage presence of Alice Cooper’s famous stage show’s. On rhythm guitar is Spunk Volcano dressed in his chosen attire of biker jacket, boxer shorts and one eyed Mohawk ski hat that’s delicately pinned together, his dress sense may even be toned down from his personality which can only be described as somewhat unhinged at times.

Phil Newall

Together they make a racket that covers every subject you could think of, making music from life events and making the masses laugh and dance in droves with songs like “My Life is Shit”, “My Girlfriend’s Bestfriends Sister” and “Working for Wankers”. With 5 albums out and about and the last one “Poppycock” just released this year, they are well over due the accolades that been thrown their way recently.  



Photos courtesy of Holly Monroe & Phil Newwall.