System of Hate


Since 2012 Barnsley have has an unearthly noise coming from its darkest retreats, the perpetrators of this are a five piece band called System of Hate. Already racking up an impressive list of support slots for many well known bands around Punk, and having a few invites under their belts for the Rebellion Festival.

Play: System Of Hate – The Dogs of War


They mix the Punk energy and aggression with post Punk Industrial melody which is a challenge in itself to get right, with similarities between Bauhaus or Killing Joke not being out of the question.  To capture this sound  Dave – Vocals, Paddy – Bass, Patrick – Guitar, Dave – Vocals, Carl – Drums and Martin – keyboards have unleashed a debut album “Unhallowed Ground” which is out now, it captures the melodic rage of System of Hate perfectly.