Sorry And The Sinatras

Sorry And The Sinatras specialise in high octane kick-ass punk rock – high on flare, punishing, driving riffs and spit ‘n’ sawdust professionalism.  Formed in 2007 and leading from the front was the gritty vocals of Scott Sorry, sometime Bass player with The Wildhearts, the rest of the line up had settled at Rich Jones – Guitars/vocals, Dave Kerr – Guitars/vocals and Lenny Thomas -Drums.

Play: Sorry & The Sinatras – Hated Heart


With one  album out in the public domain, “Highball Roller” is a rarely discovered gem with tracks such as “Riverside”, “Black & Blue as well as the very excellent “Hated Heart”. Although the band have not stepped onto the stage for sometime, its worth grabbing the EP  “The Kings Of Shambles Street” to fill that void. Although Scott Sorry seems to be carving a solo path for himself in the same sounding vain as the Sinatras.



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