Healthy Junkies

Nina Courson – Vocals, Phil Honey Jones – Guitar, David Whitmore – Bass and Tony Alda Drums make up London band The Healthy Junkies, with music influenced by post-punk bands of the 80s they have been developing their own sound since 2010. The Parisian influence of Nina on stage giving almost theatrical performance around the band is not uncommon, her higher pitch female vocals are complemented by the heavy melodic beat of the band. They have come a long way from those early piano lessons after school to the crazed Punk Audiences of today, but the experience seems to have had a positive outcome over the final result with them gaining mounting recognition.

Play: Healthy Junkies – I Can’t Stand Anyone


With a debut album “Sick Note” out in 2011, they no have another 2 albums to be signing about “The Lost Refuge” and also ” Box of Chaos”.