Eastern Dark

Eastern Dark are an Australian Punk band from the 80s, formed after the demise of the band Celibate Rifles who’s bass player James Darroch set about looking to start again.  Joining Darroch were bassman Bill Gibson previously MC and backing vocalist for The Lime Spiders and drummer Geoff Milne, who had gone to high school with most of The Sunnyboys.Taking their name from a fictional place in a comic strip book they established themselves locally by way of Ramones songs.

Play: The Eastern Dark – Johnny And Dee Dee

Opening up with a different track from the New York band was a usual occurrence when they started in 1984, before recording the first single “Julie Is A Junkie”/”Johnny And Dee Dee,” which went down very well.


The band came to a very tragic end in 1986 when James Darrock was killed when the tour van they were in crashed leaving Gibson and Milne injured, a history of the band’s songs that were put together on the album “Girls on the Beach (With Cars)” which was then released in 1990.



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