Chron Gen

Initially starting out in 1977 at the school music room, Chron Gen honed their musical abilities in Hertfordshire creating a following in the surrounding areas around 1979. After getting a line up that works they set about releasing their self-financed debut EP Puppets of War in 1981, this went on to sell over 45,000 copies in that year which was a hell of an achievement considering the other bands that were around at that time. With growing popularity the band are asked on the bill of the  Apocalypse Now tour, and paraded their music up and down the country on what has now become an important tour of the time.

Play: Chron Gen – Outlaw


The release of the debut album “Chronic Generation” saw the band pull together a collection of songs that are still in demand today, with a less frantic and more melodic sound compared to some of the 80s Punk bands that were around at the same time.

Play: Chron Gen – Jump


Today they are still filling halls and singing songs such as “Reality” & “Outlaw”, but they also have new material out there with the release of the album “This Is The Age”, which proves the band has lost none of the sound they are well known for.