Yo Yo’s

In 1998 Bass player Danny McCormack (The Wildhearts), Tom Spencer (Sugarsnatch / The Lurkers),  recruited Andy Selway (Bladz / Sugarsnatch) and Neil Phillips (B-Movie Heroes) to form a band calling themselves The Yo Yo’s. In a short time, they built up a considerable following as well as getting some pretty good press coverage, before releasing a couple of singles  (“Out Of My Mind” &”Rumble(d)” )and their debut album (“Uppers and Downers”).

Play: The Yo-Yo´s – Time of your life


With everything going in the right direction the next step was for the band to split, musical differences, in fighting or arguments or whatever it was they fell apart. With the band members heading of in various direction it took some time for the Yo Yo’s to play together again, but in 2005 McCormac and Spencer got a band together to release the EP ” Given Up Giving Up”. This, however, was short-lived and apart from a few get-togethers the band’s history is marked only by these few recordings,  which give’s an indication of what they maybe could have achieved if things had been a little different.