The Wall


Riding on the inspiration from the first wave of Punk, The Wall hit the North East with their own off the Wall sound. Mixing Melodies with raw discordant tunes they came to the attention of John Peel, who gave repeated airplay to the debut single “New Way”. This ignited a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows for the band, with high profile tours and record companies to sacking the lead singer.

Play: The Wall _ Day Tripper 


The Wall managed to get three albums out in their short existence, also including an excellent rendition of the Beatles Day Tripper. With a number of line up changes along the way the band finally split in 1982, and after a very long separation getting back together to play the Rebellion Festival in 2007 with the current line up being:

Andy Griffiths – Vocals, Andy Forbes – Guitars, Al Gregg – Guitars, Day Raven – Bass and Mark Gibson – Drums