The Zips

If you are looking for Punk Rock tunes that are cultivated from the late 70s, but are still kicking and screaming about today’s issues look no further than The Zips. From their debut release in 1979 “Take Me Down” and the follow up in 1980 with “Radioactivity” there was a considerable gap before the band released any more material, but in 2002 they set about making up for lost time. With three albums on their own Tenement Toons label now behind them and a number of singles to display, The Zips have an Impressive back catalogue to call on when getting on stage.

Play: The Zips – Thin Blue Line


The unmistakable influence of the first wave of Punk runs through the band, stamping an impression like a DM sole all over their music.  The lyrics of bands like the Zips were relevant when they started picking up guitars and singing about the life they grew up in, but the same sentiments are just as relevant today with no progress being made for working class communities since then. The rattle of the drums, growling bass and piercing guitar, set behind meaningful lyrics, is still the chosen ammunition to fight back that Punk set out with.




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