UK Subs

The UK Subs are considered by many to be the definitive Punk band not only of a generation but of the genre overall, from forming around the first explosion of Punk in 1976 they have kept the principles and ethos that inspired the movement in those early days. Founding member Charlie Harper is now kicking and screaming into his 70s, and is held in the highest regard not only by those in the audience throughout the pubs and clubs but also those who he inspired to take up instruments as adolescents to now play to overflowing stadiums globally. The UK Subs broke into the mainstream early on with 7 top 40 songs that still stand the test of time today such as “Stranglehold, “Teenage” and “Warhead” falling out of the limelight soon after as did most Punk music did they then built their reputation on the road.

Play: UK Subs – Warhead


Throughout the years the band stayed on the road playing to every venue on the map (More than a few times) with various line up changes along the way and very little financial benefit in return, they persevered where many folded and have released a number of singles each year, as well as a catalogue of albums titled from A-Z and every letter in between.


The resurgence of Punk in recent years has catapulted the Bands reputation to a status that very few can match or ever will, with both Charlie Harper and Bass player Alvin Gibb showing bands how a real punk band connects with an audience in music, attitude, and values. Under Punk in the Oxford dictionary, there should be no confusion if it only said, see the UK Subs.