The Subhumans


Not a band to stand back and let others give their opinions for them, The Subhumans have been screaming and shouting about what they think is important since 1980. Starting out as the Superhumans they soon acquired the services of singer Dick Lucas and The Subhumans name change, with the initial aid of Flux of Pink Indians they were on the turntable with the first ep “Demolition War”. As with many DIY  bands of the time The Subhumans took every opportunity to get their message across from stages up and down the country on a budget of thin air. Many of these bands came and went with some leaving a permanent impression on your eardrums and most forgotten in time, the defining moment for the Subhumans to leave their mark was the release of their debut album “The Day The Country Died” taking the band to another level. With no internet to share the musical delights of bands at the bottom of the financial ladder, it was a slower process but eventually, word got out,  “The Day The Country Died” is now established as a classic of the Anarcho-Punk scene that came to the top the hard way.

Play: Subhumans – All Gone Dead


The band are still as passionate about the subjects they write about today, seething and raging around the stages of the UK, Europe & USA and with the world leaders we have today have plenty of material to cover a few more years kicking and screaming against the system we live in.