History indicates that before Punk there was a distinct lack of anything worth listening to, from the flamboyant instrumental solos that could last a trip to the bar and back to the fairytale eccentricities of the cape-wearing superheroes that played the stadiums. When the 70s dust settled it became apparent that there was more substance to that era than first thought, bands like Slade, The Faces, Sweet and T-Rex and not to mention Dr Feelgood and the pub rock bands that had a huge interest and stomping beats that would influence future generations. Giuda has taken that sound and wrapped their own influence around it, creating a backbeat that would not look out of place under Noddy Holders platform shoes. There debut album “Racey Roller”  was a step back in time recreating the classic pub rock sounds that Punk evolved from, rasping guitar in front of thudding drum beat that required the need for an air-punching chant to a loud and raucous chorus. It’s no surprise that a band had returned to the real sound of the early 70s, what was a surprise was the quality of its execution by a band from as far away as Italy.

Play: Giuda – Number 10


Giuda ( UK translation – Down From) emerged from the embers of Rome Punk band Taxi after the sudden passing their drummer, when singer Tenda, and lead guitarist Lorenzo regrouped they had a new direction to follow. The band built a considerable following around the world with their unique sound, and with the release of 3 albums and this years single “Bad Days Are Back” they show no signs of losing that foot stomping 70s Influence they are known for.


Giuda – Mike-Guitar / Tenda-Vox / Alex-Drum / Danilo-Bass / Lorenzo-Guitar.