Drunk Gods

You can be forgiven for thinking the following description was given by someone who had a dislike for everything by The Drunk Gods, but this is their own words that unravel the bands complex sound: “Dark and visceral songs about sex, death, TV, growing old, soul-less wage slavery, suicide, greed, apathy, infidelity and how people make your head hurt (probably what the popular media would call ‘loners’, Drunk Gods were raised in the shadow of their local slaughterhouse, so it was only ever going to end badly)”. You won’t find any plastic American accents leaving a high pitched whine in your ear from the self-titled new Drunk Gods album, this is a band from Lanarkshire, Scotland, where you say what you mean and you mean what you say, with intent.


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We are introduced to the album by a stabbing guitar that opens “What’s Ma Motivation” a slightly mesmeric track that jumps in and out of your head like a magic mushroom nightmare and all the time a pounding backbeat is going on at the back of your mind. The songs dark demeanor lets go of you midway through the song, lightening up for a short time before again the darkness descends with a heavy bass line and jangling guitar fading out into the distance. The post-punk sound of the 80s is evident in the Drunk Gods DNA, but there is much more substance to the band than a flopping fringe that’s dressed in black. The band’s arrangements are imaginatively delivered around the quality of lyrical content that has a menacing and sometimes brutal appeal but filled with black humour, “Fuck Buddy (The Heart is Just A Muscle)” depicts this perfectly with it’s disturbing, uncomfortable and unhinged lyrics that still leave you intrigued and fixated. The subject matter is unfeeling, unloving and detached,  sometimes seedy, creepy, dangerous and disposable, all the elements run through the song with a wicked sense of reality, humour and sexual tension. A rattling start to “Wage Slave” throws you on the sofa after a hard day as a pawn of industry; the delicate guitar eases you through the song despite the rapid pace going on in the background. For those of you on the verge of telling your boss to Fuck Right Off, you may want to skip this track for the sake of a regular wage.

Play: Drunk Gods – People Make Ma Head Hurt


The more upbeat and repetitive “People Make Ma Head Hurt” is a lighter track from the album, although it deals with an aversion to interaction with the rest of the human race. This is something we can all associate ourselves with but most hide it so well, others are treated like a crazed lunatic for insisting on a bit of solitary time from the masses. A very catchy slightly electronic chorus to this track that you will be hooked with instantly, a change of tempo towards the end brings the track to a frantic ending with barrage complaints. The Drunk Gods love the dark side of the mind and overindulge here with “Kill Me” tackling sexual pain and pleasure to an extent that this may well be the song of choice for any future and active masochist parties. This is a loud rolling song that has many highs and lows, it leads you into a false sense of security on a number of occasions before unleashing its wrath on your ears once more with intensity.


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Crossing over to the dark side is not for everyone, some like the comfort of knowing that the big bad world is for someone else to live in. The Drunk Gods have delved into areas other bands would not venture lyrically, creating an album full of dark tuneful melodies with wicked humour and purpose, it should be heard by more than just the disturbed minds of this world.