Darrell Bath Q&A

Ten-Midnight met up with a guitarist who has created a reputation for himself while playing with some distinguished company over the years (UK Subs, CryBabys, Dogs D’amour, Ian Hunter, Nikki Sudden and the Vibrators to name a few) and now flying solo as Darrell Bath.

10-12: What made you pick up a guitar in those early years, who inspired you music wise, and why a guitar and not another instrument?

Darrell: .well, with the guitar..my dad David, had a pal a black dude called Rallie..and he came to our house and played a bit and everybody was so knocked out from his playing…he gave my dad a Spanish guitar which was kept in his wardrobe for years… I started dancing with it…and eventually learned how to tune it and so on…my mum probably thought I might end up smashing it up or something…so I was given one of my own one Christmas…but in terms of actual performance.. I played side drum in a marching band .. self-taught myself and learned all the rudiments …loved it..we were a right scruffy bunch.

10-12: How did you eventually get into playing for your first band Social Attack, was this a local band?

Darrell: Yep. local punk rock street guys…one guy Simon Dumford …his parents let us rehearse up in the spare room…it was a case of school days..anybody who had an electric guitar was known…Simons little brother had a mod band called ‘the French line’ I played with him and Steve Keane and Barry Patton down the youth club at my school..we played James brown ‘night train’ ‘Johnny B Goode’ ‘wild thing’ among others… I had a job at weekends but still attended school..but essentially my schooling was over by the age of 14…however I never stopped learning.


10-12: Did you get into Punk music from the early years from Ramones/Pistols, or as your music suggests you had a wider musical taste from lots of different genres?

Darrell: Yeah..i was into as much music as I could digest from ’72-3 onwards but didn’t really have a budget for records …so just lapped up ..and looked for the best in what I could find..but my ears and eyes opened to what is now called glam…but back then..we called them pop groups.

10-12: How did you end up playing for the UK Subs who were a well-established band of the time, was this a big step for you? How did they welcome a new guitarist into the band?

Darrell: Well i formed a band called ‘the Joe’ as in bazooka…and our drummer David Wilkinson knew Rab Fallon..who was in the subs…we played around London doing as many little slots as possible marquee ..100 Club (UK Subs) and the greyhound..and it sort of went from there.

10-12: You have an impressive list of musicians that you have shared a stage with, who would you say suited your type Guitar the most and felt a good fit as a band?

Darrell: Well Ian hunter has a great repertoire…for starters…and Nikki Sudden…all great in their own way… I mean I could jump up and play 90 minutes with Charlie Harper tonight and it would all come flooding back like 30 years never happened.

10-12: You being a big glam rock fan it must have been a high point to play with Ian Hunter’s band.

Darrell: Sure was…honaloochie boogie all the way.

10-12: Do you disappear to another planet while playing guitar, as you seem so immersed in what you’re playing on stage?

Darrell: On a good night yes…it’s great to let somebody great to handle center stage…then you can be shotgun.

10-12: How daunting was doing your first Solo Album “Take Out Some Insurance” with Spike after being part of a band previously, was it something you had always wanted to do?

Darrell: .that was more a duo…i only sang one lead vocal and contributed one new song…which was called ‘ghost in the jukebox’…so nowhere close to a solo album…the lead vocal was on ‘write me a few lines’ from Mississippi Fred McDowall.


10-12: You played around the world with the Vibrators a very long time and created a very distinctive sound with them that gave the band another dimension, was it the touring that was too much or the need to go solo? 

Darrell: Well… I love Eddie Edwards..he’s a true rocker through to the bone…and a strong great drummer…however..no matter how hard you try..some people just don’t like one another…and in a 3 piece..that’s hard work… I made it to year 5…feb ’17…because yep, you gotta boogie under your own steam.

10-12: Your last album Roll up seemed to take a lot of Influence from a more Rock n Roll sound, would you say that’s the real Darrell Bath sound?

Darrell: Sure is… I had to get that loose Crybabys feel…which is why I got Robbie Rushton back on the firm.

Play: Darrell Bath – Dancin’ With The Devil’s Goombah


10-12: What are your musical influences throughout the years, favorite songs that mean the most to you?

Darrell: I love early rock n roll…my all time favorite gig happens to be the legendary Dion D’Mucci at a club on Oxford street some years back…good soulful music is my best friend.

10-12: Which new bands would you pay to see today, are there any that stand out worth a mention?

Darrell: Daddy long legs…the boys from New York City.

10-12: What have you planned for 2018, anything we should know about?

Darrell: I have a new E.P. coming out on Sunthunder records..,2 new originals and a cover version…it’s being mixed at present…can’t wait to hear it.