Spider has been crawling around the LA Punk scene with a very different sound to what’s expected round those parts, they spin a web of tunes that seem to be influenced by the UK as well as the rich history of U.S. bands. Karl Izumi (guitar), Steve Westerkamp (bass, backing vocals), Alf Silva (drums) & Hector Martinez (vocals) have just released an impressive set of songs wrapped up in a new 6 track EP, spitting venomous vocals to a thundering backdrop of sound.

Play: Spider – PCE


First up “PCE” a persistent song that slowly creeps up on you before the chorus is more intense and demanding on your hearing, the melodic guitar solo breaks up the songs before coming to an abrupt end. The vocal has a very distinct crossover where it’s not quiet American but could be mistaken for nearly an English tone to it. The feeling from the “New Junk II” intro resembles a Dead Kennedy’s barrage of sounds at breakneck speed, before slowing to a hate-filled chorus, it bursts into your ears with a blast and runs out again in 1.37 flat. Contrary to this the eerily slower guitar and drums intro to “Shooting Stars/Get Caught” has an almost Metal edge to it, menacing and rampaging over your mind like a stormy night. The tension mounts as the guitars kick it up a notch or two to make things very interesting, there are some nice arrangements going on with the change of pace and less aggressive vocal before a heavy drum beat escorts us out. Back to the determined vocal of Hector’s voice with “Pleasure Fold”, pounding out a heavy sound behind the raw-edged guitar and where Spider seems to have made a distinctive sound for themselves.


There is an energy and purpose about the delivery of both the music and the vocal of this EP, at one point your deep in the bass line before the guitar is singled out for special treatment and the vocal stands out for its distinctive yet forceful sound. This may be the time of year a Spider should come into your home and invited to stay.

Tour Dates

1/19/18   Twilight Bar – Portland, OR – with Channel 3

1/20/18   Luckey’s Club – Eugene, OR – with Channel 3

2/3/18  Fern’s – Long Beach, CA

2/16/18   The Garage – Ventura, CA

2/17/18   924 Gilman – Berkeley, CA
4/5/18  The Viper Room – West Hollywood, CA