Media Whores

When it comes to music Punk has never had a mass appeal from the British public, even at the height of mainstream media exposure when the Pistols swore on prime time TV it was still a minority ear that followed afterward. Although splitting into a number of diverse direction’s and expanding around the world since those early days, Punk has always carried a message from those who use their instruments as a means of communication. Whether this is humorous social commentary or a call to rise up and drag the privileged few down the high street and into stocks for working class amusement, it’s all relevant and necessary. Even if not heard by the masses Punk gives a platform to voice an opinion, protest or to laugh at the expense of our human race, The Media Whores have been singing about it all for nearly 10 years now and still have a lot more to say in 2018.

Play: The Media Whores – Affluenza


Play: The Media Whores – Do You Think I’m Lying


Unlike some The Media Whores pack their message into melodic powerful packages that make you think as well as sing/dance, their last album “Dangerous Minds” came out in 2016, and dealt with greed, corruption, fracking and the unequal world controlled by the powerful few. Although that big house in London with the clock on top will not have heard of the Media Whores, that does not stop them joining the rest of the Punk establishment in condemning and challenging the actions against the trampled classes in a 3 min assault. The opportunities to protest in modern society have slowly been taken away; music has and still is a way of standing up and being counted and with the “Dangerous Minds” album the Media Whores do their bit and do it in style. So much so that they were listed for the 2017 Mercury Music Prize, although a Punk band was never going to win this accolade they again made an impression that was further reaching than your average spiky head.  The band deliver a more melodic message over the speakers and are not tied down to your more conventional Punk sound, with hints of Reggae seeping through in those riffs and beats behind a strong Scottish rhetoric belonging to their Falkirk origins.

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With 3 albums out already The Media Whores show no signs of slowing the pace down for this New Year either, as they have been working on some new material soon to be released, they are also filling up the gig diary over coming months including a spot at this year’s Strummercamp festival in May.


Here is a taster of what to expect from the Media Whores in 2018, with the as yet unreleased track Money. 


Line up is;

Craig A – vocal, guitar and lyrics, Doogie – bass and backing vocals & Andy – Drums.