The Sweet Things

Memory loss and alcohol may well have been involved in getting The Sweet Things together, but 2017 was a great year to remember for the NYC’s band. They released their first vinyl single for “Love To Leave” to great reviews.  They played shows with The Supersuckers, Motochrist and Dr. Boogie.  They toured the east and west coasts and found interest from various radio stations on their travels. The band says they take their influence from good stock in the shape of The Dolls, Thunders, Dogs D’Amour, The Faces, Rolling Stones etc etc and oh yeah Keith “Fuckin” Richards!

Play: The Sweet Things – Love to Leave


Further interest was had last year with the release of their second vinyl single in 2017 for “Slather” and “Dustianne”, on Spaghetty Town Records. Featuring the soulful backing vocals from Liza Colby and keyboards from Rob Clores (Black Crowes/Jesse Malin). This limited edition vinyl single is available on 200 red and 300 black vinyl records. It will also be available on iTunes, Spotify, and other digital music providers, look out for them in 2018.

Play: The Sweet Things- Slather









Dave Tierney -Vox/Guitar, Lorne Behrman -Guitar, Sam Hariss -Bass/Vox & Darren Fried- Drums


Speghetty Records