Peter Jones – Paranoid Visions

Ten-Midnight got an insight from Peter Jones  (Guitarist with Paranoid Visions) into what songs inspired and shaped his musical life.

Song: Crass -Bloody Revolutions


I was only 11 years old in 1977, and was in Ireland… by the time most of the punk bands came on my radar it would have been late ’77, the time when the Bromley Contingent claim it was all over! But the main point was that by the time punk filtered over to me in Dublin, the bands were equally as alien and “mainstream” as the bands that had preceded them were to those early innovators. So when Crass came along, they were MY band. Bloody Revolutions is structurally one of the most advanced songs of the genre. Its lyrics resonated, and the overall style and package was stunning

Song: New Order – Ceremony


As a huge Joy Division fan at the time, I was obviously devastated that Ian Curtis had killed himself. He was the first person I had any interest in that had done so and it felt like such a waste and such a strange thing to happen. I was mourning the loss of the music as much as the sadness that surrounded the whole thing. One day I was shopping in Golden Discs indie outlet on Liffey Street and this record came on and totally blew me away. Then I found out they were Joy Division without Ian and I was elated, astounded and delighted in equal measures.

Song: Spizzenergi – Where’s Captain Kirk


An indie chart stalemate for literally months, I bought this record for my sister while on holiday in London. I sneaked it back some years later. It’s so infectious and such a great tune… I was fascinated with Spizz and the way he kept altering the band name (Spizz Oil, Spizz 77, Spizenergi, Athletico Spizz 80 etc). This is just a great record

Song: The Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia


What a song….. dark, funny, tuneful, menacing and unlike anything else I have heard before or since. Totally blew me away when I first heard it. As the DK’s were once described… spy music for punks

Song: PIL – Careering


I heard this on John Peel when it came out and thought it sounded like nothing else I’d heard before. The simplicity, the vocal performance, and the coldness is incredible

Song: The Dickies – I’m Stuck in a Pagoda with Trisha Toyota


Bought on red vinyl with a poster sleeve, I think this is one of the catchiest records I’ve ever heard.

Song: The Cure – A Forest


First song I ever jammed with someone, on a bass. I love the way the guitar line works against the bass line and harmonies. I’ve written hundreds of tunes based on that premise ever since

Song: The Clash – lost in the supermarket


Just a totally beautiful song, and such great lyrics. I always felt that punk was as much about identity and not feeling isolated by being different. This song seems to sum that up

Song: The Cravats – I am the Dreg


At every Cravats gig I go to I shout “this is the greatest song in the history of rock n roll” at Shend. In 1979 there were 3 Cravats fans in Ireland and all of them were in Paranoid Visions. This song is as good as a song can get.

Song: Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant


The greatest song written in rock n roll history! That intro. That guitar sound. Those drums. And that vocal….. unbeatable.

Paranoid Visions