Nathan Seaton – Hospital Food

Ten-Midnight got an insight from Nathan Seaton (Guitarist with Hospital Food) into what songs inspired and shaped his musical life.

Song: Hermins Hermits – I’m into Something Good.


Just the first song I remember hearing on the radio and liking it, I would have only been about 2 or 3 at the time so maybe 1969ish.

Song: The Stranglers – No More Heroes. 


I was only 10 in the summer of 77, so music was just starting to make my ears wake, my sister was a big fan of the stranglers and I used to take her records to my friends and play them.

Song: Chic – Le Freak.  


I know people will say naff, but it’s that guitar playing. Even before I had ever wanted to play guitar you just know that this is a world-class guitar riff, easy to play but not so easy to have that full funk feel.

Song: Squeeze – Cool for Cats.


Learning all the words and singing it in my garden on top of my voice with my best mate.

Song: The Police – Message in a Bottle.


For the same reason as number four.

Song: Anti Nowhere League – Streets of London/So What.


I bought this more or less on the day of release, that opening guitar is perfect; my dad wasn’t best pleased when I flipped the single for, so what.

Song: Stiff Little Fingers – Bits of Kids. 


Gotta be one of their best songs, they will always be my favourite band, and this song is one of the reasons.

Song: Stiff Little Fingers – Silver Lining.


I once read a review of this saying how wasn’t it a top 10 single, I have to agree, a perfect pop-punk track.

Song: The Clash – Clash City Rockers.


Who wouldn’t wanna pick up a guitar to play those intro chords to this song?

Song: The Instigators – The blood is on Your Hands. 


They were from near me, a band who lived a few miles away had a record out! It was and still is a fantastic  4 track ep, I do wish they would reform with this lineup.

Favourite song ever: Blonde – Heart of Glass.


To be 12/13 going to school discos, messing about with your friends, starting to like girls ….. that’s this song, every time it comes on a radio station I can remember how good life is when you’re a kid.

Favourite song you have been involved in musically: All 3 HOSPITAL FOOD, so about 34 tracks.

 Hospital Food – Jimmy.


There’s a couple of tracks I don’t like on the first album though, but I think I’m more pleased as I never expected us to do one album let alone 3 and people have bought them. Everything we have done is DIY, so everything we have as a band goes into the next project and I kinda like knowing we really do, do it for the music 🙂

Hospital Food4

Hospital Food