Eddie – The Vibrators

Ten-Midnight got an insight from  John ‘Eddie‘ Edwards (Drummer with the Vibrators) into what songs inspired and shaped his musical life.

Song: Lonnie Donegan- My Old Man’s a Dustman.


 The first record I bought in 1960 and it’s a great sing-along, with jokey lyrics. I loved it when I was a kid and still do. Recorded live too.     

 Song: The Kinks -You Really Got Me.


 Do records come any better? Great guitar riff, sleazy vocals and from lads in Muswell Hill, up the road from my own Grandparents, genius. 

Song: The Yardbirds- Happenings Ten Year Time Ago.   


 Geoff Beck and Jimmy Page on Guitars and they had that cool look, another great slab of 60’s Rock’N’Roll.   

Song: The Who- My Generation.  


Another classic with great lyrics and THAT guitar feedback thing, the stutter was a stroke of genius too.

Song: Them – Gloria / Baby Please Don’t Go.  


They did double A sides in the sixties and this had two songs which anyone else would die to have written plus that voice! Van Morrison at his best.    

Song: The Faces- Sweet Lady Mary.  


Just such soft gentle lyrics from a band that could rock better than anyone. I always could empathise with Ronnie Lane lyrics rather all that hippy drippy stuff that the like of Bowie did at the time. 

Song: The Small Faces- Afterglow. 


Again what an album, so English , so eccentric and what a great singer Steve Marriott was. 

Song: The Rolling Stone- 19th Nervous Breakdown.


I loved that bass riff and Charlie’s pounding drums. Crazy lyrics but I could relate to them.   

Song: The Beatles- Saw Her Standing There. 


Not bad for an opener on your first album, eh?  We played it at the start of the Vibrators and it got the ball rolling for us too. We used to start the first set with it with Knox on his own then all of us rushing on for the chorus, fun.  

Song: Chuck Berry- Johnny B Goode. 


Bands will be playing this in a hundred year and still people will dance and go crazy. Like John Lennon said, before Chuck there was nothing.        

Favourite song ever: Jimi Hendrix- Voodoo Child [Slight return]


It is probably Jimi Hendrix- Voodoo Child [Slight return]  It totally freaked me out when I got the album [A month before release as a mates dad worked for the record company] and I’ve yet to hear anything to compare, so much violence and yet love and a mash of conflicting emotions, unbelievable sound. 

 Favourite song that you have been musically involved in: The Vibrators – Automatic Lover (from the V2 album)


Really hard to say what my favourite song to work on is. Let’s say V2 with Vic Maile producing as I learned so much about playing in the studio from him, not just that album but over the years. Good man Vic and a sad loss. 




*Eddie photo courtesy of Noelle Without Name.