Ive & Ado – Black Pitts

Ten-Midnight got an insight from I’ve (Guitar) & Ado (Bass) from the Black Pitts into what songs inspired and shaped his musical lives.

Song: Blondie – I’m not living in the real world (Ive)


Most people would know Blondie from their hits, some would know them from X offender CBGB days, this track has the best of both, with Debbie driving that vocal through the roof, some of the first singles I bought where Blondie records, Denis and heart of Glass been very early on but this track really shows where the bands heart was at.

Song: Ramones – I don’t care (Ive)


This is the first song that I learnt on guitar so will always be something special for me, it was pretty bleak in Drogheda in the mid 80’s and this song struck a chord with me, this is songwriting striped back as far as it can be, with 1 killer riff and 8 different words the sentiment of the song shines through. It also has that early Ramones sound that’s been a big influence on my guitar style.

Song: Roxy Music-Dance Away (Ado)


This was the tune that turned me on to music. Everything else was noise compared to it. I remember I’d get up early in the morning and play it on my record player over and over before I had to go school. Even now nearly 40 years later it still stops me in my tracks.

Song: Iggy Pop – Five foot one (Ive)


I got Iggy straight away and am a big fan of all his music, but his album ‘New Values’ to me stands up as an undiscovered diamond, this would be my favourite track from the album, it really showed me you can write a song about anything if you can just look at it the right way.

Song: The Specials – Ghost town (Ado)


This is another goosebumps track for me. I was aware of unrest in 80’s England but was too young to really know what was going on. This tune framed that for me in a musical way and gave me all the understanding I needed. When I moved to London in the 90’s Brad [Specials Drummer] was one of the first people I met, and he often told me how ‘Ghost town’ was a catharsis for a generation – and he was constantly being told how it expressed the un-expressible for the jilted north.

Song: Velvet Underground – Rock ‘n Roll (Ive)


Lou Reeds records have been with me since the very start, his songwriting style has been a huge influence on me, picking a favourite is hard, but having covered this track since the late 80’s it will have to be the one. We still dig it out now and again.

Song: Fugazi – Waiting Room (Ado)


The album ’13Songs’ was in a sony walkman I had for about 2 years. Whenever I set out to start something, a journey or a project I’d lash it on and let it work its motivational magic. With ‘waiting room’ blasting I’d be ready for anything. Fugazi to me were the kings of DIY music and would not play by the rules either musically or production wise. There was nothing they wouldn’t do to make original sounding music even as far as putting turnips in the bass drum.

Song: Golden Horde – Paula (Ive)


Hailing from Dublin the Golden Horde brought New York punk to a disillusioned Dublin in the late 80’s early 90’s, having similar influences to myself it was a no-brainer that I could be found at the front of many a Horde gig, Paula was and still is one of their stand out tracks for me, with its brazen hints to the Ramones and Thunders, having a chance to see and play with the Horde many times was really a part of my growing up.

Song: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – God is in the house (Ado)


Seeing Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds perform this live on the ‘No More Shall We Part’ tour was a total game changer for me. It was a full house in the Brixton Academy and he had the crowd eating out of his hand. The bands live dynamic range caused an almost religious experience, with Nick in a performance zone that I’ve never seen before or after.

Song: Therapy? – Skyward (Ive)


Therapy? exploded on to the 90’s Irish scene like napalm, their debut EP “Baby Teeth” took influence from Big Black but slammed it together with techno-laden live drums, this song became a big anthem for myself and a few friends, so much so it gets name-checked in our song ‘Hey Johnny’ a lament to their passing.

Favourite song ever:  New York Dolls – Jet boy (Ive)

maxresdefault (2)

This would have to be my favourite rock n roll record, it has all the sleaze you’d ever need and some of the best drumming ever recorded, the song just keeps on migrating into some of the greatest rock ‘n roll riffs you ever heard, the original dolls records sparked something in me early on, with both Sylvain’s and Thunder’s guitar playing getting my attention. They have a lot to answer for.

Favourite song you have been involved in musically:  Black Pitts – Hey Johnny. (Ive)


I really enjoy playing this song, it been a caricature of my youth growing up in a small tome in Ireland and some of the people I met along the way, it has that rock ‘n roll motif as a tribute to all the great nights shared with music from the above list.