The Damned

With the up and coming release of a new album ‘Evil Spirits’ through the pledge process, The Damned are again making waves with the anticipation of what sound will come from that time in the studio.


Forming in 1976 the band has gone through a number of musicians some staying for a decade or more, but the band’s original line up still overshadows any work they have done in those 40 years. In that time, the Damned’s sound has gone through as many changes as the lineups and this new album is causing much debate on social media with the release of the single “Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow” which has now been thrown to the dogs to devour over with discussion and opinion.

Play: The Damned – Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow


It is unreasonable to think the band will come out with an album that stands up to Damned Damned Damned or Machine Gun Etiquette, they have moved on musically as well as in years while still keeping hold of the history in their live performances. Although this mantle should be grasped and taken forward by younger bands, the mediocrity and repetitive sounds of today cause very few moments that ignites the emotions in a way “New Rose” still does.

Play: The Damned – New Rose


As well as being described as a band who are disjointed in personnel throughout the years, a Damned audience also has the same characteristics with fans from all different musical periods demanding satisfaction. The band is currently on tour drip feeding some of the new album into their disciples’ ears before its release on April 3rd, 2018, the probable question will be “Is it pleasing to the fan club or is it time for the blackout?”.




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