Martin Cowan – The Outcasts

Ten-Midnight got an insight from Martin Cowan, songwriter, and guitarist from The Outcasts, into what songs inspired and shaped his musical life.

Song: The Beatles – I Am The Walrus.


I still love this song, it was so way out when I heard it as a kid in 1967, it really pushed the boundaries of music and sounds brilliant today.

Song: David Bowie – John I’m Only Dancing.


Really unusual production for that time, 1972. Loud drums and great lyrics, blew me away and still does.

Song: David Bowie – Rebel, Rebel.


He looked and sounded great, loved that guitar riff and the lyrics, inspired me in my own teenage rebellion.

Song: Marc Bolan/ T Rex – Jeepster.


Love his guitar playing, a great riff, just a great guitar-based pop song.

Song: The Stooges – Search and Destroy.


Another song that inspired me, I am the worlds forgotten boy, the one who searches and destroys, love those lyrics, yeah I destroyed relationships and other things as well!

Song: Joan Osbourne – If God Was One of Us.


Great lyrics and tune, love songs that are way out, that make their own rules.

Song: Johnny Cash – Hurt.


A cover of The Nine Inch Nails Song, this song captures Johnny Cash’s life and could have been written for him. The video is fantastic too; “my kingdom of dirt”, yes my kingdom of dirt too!

Song: Black Sabbath – Paranoid.


They invented Heavy Metal, but this in my opinion was the first punk song, timeless.

Song: Slade – Coz I Love You.


What a great tune and a great singer, loved Slade!

Song: John Lennon – Working Class Hero.


Him and a guitar, what lyrics, his pain is raw, I can relate to what he is saying, another song that inspires me!

The Outcasts – Mania