HiFi Spitfires 

2008 Steve Straughan picked up a guitar and mic then quickly recruited a bass player and drummer to form the aerodynamic force that is the HiFi Spitfires, before long they had their first release  “The 11th Hour”  out into the punk domain.



With two full albums and substantial touring experience throughout the UK and Europe behind them, Steve has added another 6 strings to his bow as he lines up with Charlie Harper and Alvin Gibb providing the tunes for the UK Subs on his days off. The band draws obvious influence from the more melodic side of Punk, influences ranging from the  Pistols, Clash, Slaughter and the Dogs as well as Rancid, U.S. Bombs and Bombshell Rocks, this can clearly be heard on the Debut Album “England Screaming”. There is also now a new 5 track ep from the band released in Nov 2017, that keeps the energy and melody flying dangerously low at ear level.

Play: Hi Fi Spitfires – Doors To The USA


Band Members:
Steve – Vocals/Guitar (Also playing with Uk Subs)
Tony – Bass/Vocals (Also playing with  First Wave)
Nelly – Drums/Vocals (Also playing with Garden Gang)
Photos courtesy of sally Newhouse & Ampleman Photography