The Droogettes


Straight out of the Korova Milkbar stroll the Droogettes, with impeccable white attire that is accessorised by bowlers, DMs, and braces a look immortalised by Clockwork Orange. The Droogettes vision was clear from their earliest conception, to provide the Punk, and Oi! movement with an all-female alternative to a scene that is mostly dominated by males. Formed in 2012 by Rachel Starlett, Frankie, and Jen Reiling as well as drummer Tina Klein, they have made themselves known on both sides of the water recently. Delivering their first self-titled mini Album took the band to another level with the track “We Don’t Love You” also getting the video treatment, giving a clear message that girls can do it too.

Play: The Droogettes – We Don’t Love You


There is plenty of influence jumping out of the Droogettes sound from Punk and Oi!s legendary acts, but with their own songs and image they portray something just a little different in a dystopian society. Their intention of providing a voice for a females outlook and perception seems to be making as much of an impact as Alex DeLarge’s boot did in the cult 70s film.


Band Members:

Jenn: Vocals
Elija: Guitar
Rachel: Bass
Ginger: Drums



Violated Records

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