Daddy Long Legs


What sort of offsprings emerges from an upbringing of Blues, Rock ‘N’ Roll and Punk Rock influence, merging these together like a musical Frankenstein’s monster are Daddy Long Legs a 3 piece creation that’s running amock at venues around the globe. The Band takes its name from the lead singer and killer harmonica player, he attacks the instrument with the same purpose as the wolf did with the 3 little pigs dwelling. With such a distinctive talent for the instrument, it puts itself at the forefront of the Daddy Long Legs sound which is savage, stripped back and unusual in itself.

Play: Daddy Long Legs-NYC,Shackin’ Up, Motorcycle Madness


Drummer Josh Styles unconventional drum set can often be rattled with a Maraca to great effect, while Murat Akturk mesmerises on the six-string occasionally letting loose the steel slider on the fretboard. All three cut their teeth in early on in Punk bands but the pull of going a new direction was what created Daddy Long Legs. A culmination of all the sounds they grew up with, as well as some Punk Rock attitude, leaves a blistering of the eardrum that would have Screaming Jay Hawkins, Leadbelly, Howlin Wolf and Chuck Berry all proud of what they started in those early years.



Band Members:

DADDY LONG LEGS – Lead Vocals, Blues Harp, Guitar.
MURAT AKTURK- Guitars, Backing Vocals.
JOSH STYLES – Tubs, Maracas, Tambourine.